Friday, August 22, 2014


I found this article at and thought it might be useful for most people. Now that the CRICUT EXPLORE and SILHOUETTE CAMEO both can import fonts into their software programs. If you do not have either of these machines I have a shipping list at the bottom of this page where you can purchase these machines! I thought this would be useful information for those of us that like out fonts to match out projects PERFECTLY.....I know that "some" of us exist....not saying I am one of those people. **SIGH***. I love this article since not only did they do a great job finding the links, but they also give great details on how to save the files. You can find the original article at:
The (free!) typefaces below may not have a place in many graphic designers' playbooks -- see this list for some of those -- but that doesn't erase their novelty factor for us.
To install a new font on any Mac with OS X 10.3 or above, simply double-click the file once it's finished downloading and click "install." You may also place the file into the folder "Users/[Your Name]/Library/Fonts."
Windows computer users will have to extract the font files beforehand by double-clicking the .zip file to expand it. With version 8, 7 or Vista installed, you'll then be able to simply right click and select "install." More details on downloading and installing your brand new fonts are available here.
In the meantime, here are those famous (and free!) fonts you'll want to start using immediately:


Download here.


hollywood hills signn
Download here.


the beatles logo
Download here.

Star Wars

star wars
Download here.

Harry Potter

harry potter title
Download here.

Calvin and Hobbes

calvin and hobbes
Download here.


coca cola classic
Download here.

Gilligan's Island

gilligans island title 2
Download here.

Every Tim Burton Movie Ever

nightmare before xmas title
Download here.

American Horror Story

american horror title
Download here.


friends title 2
Download here.


peanuts comic
Download here.

Rolling Stone

rolling stone logo
Download here.

Lord of the Rings

lotr title screen
Download here.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

buffy the vampire slayer logo
Download here.

Jurassic Park

jurassic park poster
Download here.


pez candy
Download here.


panera cup
Download here.

Kool Aid

kool aid logo 2
Download here.


oreo package
Download here.


snickers product shot
Download here.

Dunkin' Donuts

dunkin donuts logo
Download here.

Yellow Submarine

yellow submarine the beatles
Download here.


airstream bumper 2
Download here.


lego logo 3
Download here.

The Godfather

the godfather poster
Download here.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hey Everyone! Ken Here with Ken's Kreations. I wanted to share with you a video I made about one of my favorite Cricut Cartridges. 

Here is A Video Highlighting This Amazing Cartridge:


Take your scrapbooking to never-before-seen levels with the new Cricut® Artbooking collection! With oodles of images in each of 15 layout themes, you can create several coordinating pages for each theme using just two keys and one dial size. Images include accents, borders, titles, overlays, photo mats—in standard photo sizes!—and more. The Cricut® keys are optimized for creating 12" × 12" pages in a jiffy. You'll also love creating 10 themed mini books, also optimized for several different sizes using just two keys and one dial size. When you're finished cutting, use the coordinating stamp sets and Dimensional Elements shapes to add even more pizzazz!
To Check Out The Digital booklet To See All The Images:
Collection includes:
1 – Cartridge (700 images: Font, Mini Books, Layouts)
3 – My Acrylix™ D-size stamp sets
3 – 12" × 9" Dimensional Elements (3 sheets of different shapes)
Creative Feature Keys: Title, Photo Mat 1, Photo Mat 2, Icon, Border, Overlay.
Recommended blocks for included stamp sets: 1" × 1" (Y1000), 1" × 3½" (Y1002), 2" × 2" (Y1003), 3" × 3" (Y1006), 2" x 3½" (Y1009), 4" × 5" (Y1012).
Cricut® is a registered trademark of Provo Craft & Novelty, Inc. All rights reserved.



Hey Everyone!! Ken Here with Ken's Kreations. Well I had so much fun creating my first spinner card....I wanted to create another Spinner card. This one was EXCLUSIVELY requested by one of my favorite Cricut groups online. 

I made a Circle Spinner Card EXCLUSIVELY for this group and here it is:

So How does this card work and how do you get the file?? Well watch this short little video:

To Join This Amazing Group and Get This File for FREE CLICK HERE

Now Here is some photo directions and tips for this card.

I started with the file in DESIGN SPACE and cut the image on my CRICUT EXPLORE. i cut out the base in a floral pattern and the circles in a green and blue solid distress pattern.
I started with the base of my card and worked up from this point.
I took some SCOTCH BLUE PAINTERS TAPE and ripped it into strips. This will hold your circles in place while we put the pop dots on the back of the card. 
I replaced the center of the blue circle with the green circle and left the item on the CRICUT EXPLORE mat and then using the SCOTCH BLUE PAINTERS TAPE I taped small stops of tape along the edges as seen in the picture above. This way I knew I kept my spacing, which is VERY IMPORTANT in these spinner cards since we are using a penny and need to make sure it has enough room around the entire circle to go around.
I was than able to flip this over and using CIRCLE POP DOTS in various sizes on the back of the card. Do Not forget to put the pop-dot in between your penny. 
I was than able to affix this onto the bas of the card and remove the SCOTCH BLUE PAINTERS TAPE to reveal the space where the penny goes. 
I finished the card by using LIFE IS A BEACH CARTRIDGE to make the beach sigh using the write and cut feature on the CRICUT EXPLORE. If you want more information on how to make the Spinner Cards you can Watch My DIY YouTube Video Here:

Thanks For Taking A Look At Todays Kreation. Take A look at the shopping list below for all the product used in todays project and click on any of the pictures to be taken to the appropriate links to purchase those items: